This veteran is frankly infuriated. On Friday, May 22, I received Memorial Day comments from Sen. David Vitter and Congressman Garret Graves. They were totally political, arrogant and insulting.

Our Memorial Day is about honoring those who died while serving in our military. It is not to be confused with Veterans Day. Neither Vitter nor Graves paid due respect to the fallen, but immediately jumped to “I” or “look at me, look at what I am doing for veterans.” They are using taxpayer money to promote themselves politically.

Vitter doubles down and attempts to take credit for fixing problems the Republican Congress actually caused by trying to destroy the VA medical program to get that book of business in the corporate coffers. (“Reforming VA health care cannot be achieved by dismantling it and preventing veterans from receiving the specialized care and services that can only be provided by VA.” Secretary Robert McDonald. The Advocate Feb. 27, 2015.)

Now Vitter claims to be “frankly” infuriated by the delay in building new VA clinics in Lafayette and Lake Charles. These clinics have been proposed for years and the Republican Congress has spent all of these years fighting for corporate America rather than our veterans.

Graves does not even bother with the “significance” of Memorial Day, and jumps directly to himself and arrogantly calls all veterans “heroes” who must be treated with “dignity they deserve.” There is no dignity in using veterans for political purposes, unless, of course, you are a Jindalite. Remember the “honor” medal only Jindal could pass out at his sole discretion?

Neither is there any dignity in begging money for veteran benefits through ads that mimic the starving children in Africa or preventing abuse of dogs.

Vitter and Graves are not capable of insulting me personally, but their messages are insulting to the memory of our citizens/veterans who died doing their duty to our country, not to a political party.

This veteran is more than “frankly infuriated.” I am mad as hell.

Ron Thompson

retired U.S. Army colonel