Connecting the dots from three Wall Street Journal articles, July 15th, on the Iran Nuclear Deal paints the following ugly picture:

In “Why They’re Cheering in Tehran,” we learn that the West commits to removing almost all sanctions on Iran. Iran will gain access to more than $100 billion, a major boost to its economy. The international arms embargo against Iran may also be lifted and allow Russia and China to provide Iran with military technology, including ballistic missiles (that could deliver a nuclear bomb to the U.S.). Iran makes no commitment in the agreement to change its terrorist or oppressive ways (including chants of “Death to America and Israel”).

In “Iran’s Discount Deal for Global Oil Market,” we learn that Iran can export oil again, which will drive the price of oil down even lower and hurt the U.S. energy industry and economy. The U.S. energy infrastructure is imploding as we speak and it only takes about 18 months to dismantle the “fracking” industry, but it could take five years to restore production once it has been ramped down. Existing U.S. energy policies prevent America from exporting oil, but will now allow Iran to do so — forcing America to once again become dependent on foreign oil, and forcing our allies to buy oil from Russia and Iran.

In “Notable & Quotable: Nuclear Iran,” we learn that after Iran gets its cash and missiles, it is then allowed to file a complaint to the Joint Commission if it feels that the U.S. is not meeting its commitments, and if the deemed “significant nonperformance” is not resolved to its satisfaction, then Iran can cease performing its commitments.

This agreement can only leave Americans speechless, especially with Iran now saying “our policy toward the arrogant U.S. government will not change at all.” The Obama nuclear deal will help the Iranian and Russian economies, to the detriment of U.S. economic growth and energy independence. Looking to the Bible for consolation is of no help as “The leaders of this people misled them, and those to be led are engulfed.” Isaiah 9:15

Steve Gardes

certified public accountant