I recently moved out of the Jones Creek Oxford House on good terms. These houses are not owned by Oxford. They are owned by individuals who rent them out to us.

The landlords are usually single families and do fit the criteria required to live in these subdivisions. The houses then join a chapter to be a part of Oxford and its “club.”

There are many people who live in homes in this area that are not related.

I work as an agent with a major property insurer. We write policies all the time that are not “in compliance” with the single-family guideline suggested.

Furthermore as a resident of Baton Rouge, there have been many circumstances where the law has been called on many residences in south Baton Rouge.

Wouldn’t you rather a group of people that are involved in Christian services and activities live next to you than some random person (possible an active drug user).

I lived in the Oxford House after going to a three-month inpatient rehab, and it was exactly what I needed to continue on with my recovery. I have been very blessed to be sober for almost a year, a great employee, daughter, mother and volunteer in the community.

If we do not keep these houses open, then there is a chance (and it would have happened to me) that all of these people will go back on welfare and need state help (possibly putting a dent in your pocketbook).

These houses require you keep a good job and become upstanding citizens of the community as well as stay sober. You would be surprised who you know that actually has been through some kind of treatment such as this. Usually very good people.

So for those who may think these houses are dangerous or ruining their property values, they need to get their own priorities straight!

No, it will not decrease the value of your home. It may increase the value you have in your life if you would take time out to meet some of your neighbors.

Maybe we could get you involved in some sort of helpful activity that may increase the substance of your life ... that way you don’t have to worry about other people’s business as much.

God bless.

Theresa Roberts

property insurer agent

Baton Rouge