For some time now, we have complained to our City Hall about the terrible traffic problem we have on our main street in Zachary!

The problem is that our main street is a state highway, and we need the state’s permission to correct any problems on our main street — especially the traffic problems.

Our mayor can, should and probably has requested the state come in and build turn lanes on this stretch of state highway, but with the budget problems our governor is having, I doubt seriously we will get turn lanes anytime soon!

This is why we have been asking our mayor for red lights to at least create gaps or breaks in the tremendous constant traffic on our main street. We need these breaks in the traffic to allow traffic to enter the main street and exit the main street without causing a terrible wreck!

I feel like I am putting my life in danger every time I have to get on that main street, and getting off or making a turn is just as dangerous!

I have written the state highway department for help in approving red lights for this main stretch of state highway. So far, all I get is that a survey has to be done, then we still might not get the lights!

I continue to beg for help for our people of Zachary, and if someone is ever severely hurt or killed on this highway, we will all be very sad because we have been asking for help so long! I pray no one will ever be killed or severely injured, but in the meantime, I would like to see the state at least give our city approval for red lights to be installed to create these breaks in traffic.

I feel our lives are worth more than a signal light, and our politicians in the state highway department should heed my warnings to protect our people in Zachary. Cost should not be an issue when we are talking about the safety of our citizens!

If our governor has to step in to get this solution done for us, I beg him to give our city officials the approval we need. Thanks.

Sam J. Pigno

retired school superintendent/author/mayor