Letter: The U.S. Government has done a poor job of running Amtrak _lowres

Advocate staff photo by John Ballance --Arthur Cook Jr. of Lake Charles smiles as his red snapper weighing fifteen pounds six ounces takes a second place at International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo.

Amtrak passenger trains are in the news after the serious accident of the derailment and killing of eight people near Philadelphia. Amtrak is a limited number of passenger trains established by the government to replace privately owned and operated trains, which went out of business when the government took the mail and express business from them and gave it to the truck lines and airlines. When they did this, the Santa Fe railroad canceled 22 passenger trains. Other railroads followed suit.

Thus, Amtrak is now operated by the government and is a poor substitution for the hundreds of passenger trains formerly operated by private ownership and is costing the government millions, if not billions, of dollars a year to operate.

T. Med Hogg

transportation consultant

Baton Rouge