Wow. Wow. A recent letter to the editor suggests that “self-proclaimed conservatives,” who according to the writer includes only white people (hello, Thomas Sowell?), consider hyphenated Americans “subhuman.” Why then would those conservatives be against hyphenation? What a piece of unclear reasoning.

Where were his good liberals when American Indians were driven off their lands? He thinks it was done by “conservatives?” Where were they when the proudly progressive FDR ordered Japanese-Americans into camps? When the National SOCIALIST Party of Germany started herding Jews of Europe into gas chambers? When Stalin, who was worshipped (“we have seen the future and it works”), proceeded to populate the Gulag and murder about 20 million “conservatives” (by conservative estimates). When the ultimately progressive Cultural Revolution murdered about 50 million Chinese non-Communists and other subversive conservatives?

Conservatives today do not want unregulated business, just not regulated so much that it becomes a government-controlled utility, as the Internet is about to become. “Net neutrality,” ha-ha, how positively Orwellian. It is the left that has become so radical in this country it is shamelessly saying night is day and day is night and thinks it will not be called on it.

Miljana Mandich


New Orleans