I read with total dismay and shock that our poor, lost and, apparently, not very well-educated state senators feel so misled about our state budget and the fiscal situation that former Gov. Bobby (the bully) Jindal left our state in. The recent article about this in The Advocate should have been sent to Walt Handelsman for editorial cartoon of the year. Where were these idiots for the past eight years?

Every year, once a year, Bobby (the bully) Jindal lied to senators, mayors and millions of residents about his so-called balanced budget. As he pulled his numbers out of the hat, he sent his threats to the subordinates in the Legislature that he expected his budget to be passed, and so it was — no questions asked, no worries from anyone (?). And everyone smiled as they did what Bobby told them to do. As Bobby Jindal or his administrator would always say, the money will be generated during the course of the year. Or, the money hasn’t been accounted for, yet. But we will have the monies to pay everything.

It’s purely pitiful that no one had guts enough to ask or put his feet to the fire then. Where were you folks? Why people keep electing and re-electing you is mystifying. Now you make it sound like you’re getting ready to crucify Gov. John Bel Edwards. You have nothing to worry about, Gov. Edwards. Put out a few meaningless threats, and they run with their tails between their legs. None of them have any nerve.

Phil Totora Jr.

retired public works superintendent