The thrust of Romi Elnagar’s letter of Aug. 6 seems to suggest that she wants people to commiserate with her for the killings of innocents in Gaza by the Israelis. I commiserate.

But who’s responsible for these killings? Are they not of Palestinians’/Hamas’ own making? Did not the Palestinians give their imprimatur to incorporate this terrorist group into their government; a self-proclaimed hater of Israel, who asserts that Israel must be annihilated and who continues toward this end by, amongst other things, maniacally lobbing thousands of rockets a year into Israel? Randomly, by the way. No direction. No precision. Letting them fall where they may. This being the case, how can Hamas and the Palestinians be heard to complain when Israel responds?

Fortunately, the more au courant Israel is able to interdict many of these killer rockets with their Iron Dome defense system.

But the intent of Hamas is undeniably the destruction of Israel. This they continue to proclaim. They just lack the firepower and understanding to do so.

While, on the other hand, Israel does everything possible to minimize casualties and collateral damage, even to the point of dropping leaflets identifying where they are going to attack and urging the Palestinians to leave. Can one ever imagine Hamas being this sensitive?

However, Hamas obviously has a poor appreciation of history. Are they not aware of the 1967 war where Israel faced the armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Sudan, along with military contingents from many other Arab and Muslim regimes, all ready to destroy the Jewish state, while the Soviets supplied massive amounts of arms? Israel stood alone — a nation no larger than the state of New Jersey. David against the Goliaths. And while standing alone, in six days, kicked butt. Seems to me Hamas is foolishly bringing the proverbial knife to a gun fight.

Part of Hamas’ pathetic strategy seems to be to use humans as shields, hiding their arsenals in strategic areas, such as schools and hospitals, while relying on Israel not to attack on humanitarian grounds. To some extent this has had an impact. Especially amongst the anti-Semites of this world, the nescient. Does one not believe that if Hamas had the know-how and the sophistication to satisfy their compulsion to deracinate Israel that they wouldn’t?

Think: Has any other country, in any other war, been expected to keep the enemy’s civilian casualties no higher than its own civilian casualties as Israel is being urged to do? I think not.

Oh, and Ms. Elnagar, I’m not Jewish.

Ron Rickerfor

retired subrogation manager