Randy Chaya’s own letter proves my point.

In his claim that many scientists deny global warming, he directs readers to the Republican website “senate minority report 2009.” This website says 700 “international scientists” deny man-made global warming science. While 700 might sound like a lot, there are more than a million international scientists in total, so that means fewer than than 0.1 percent are denying global warming.

To put that in perspective, if the Republicans said they had 700 international scientists who denied that smoking was hazardous, would you buy that?

Chaya also turns my discussion about global warming to a “climate change” discussion. Climate change is a much more encompassing and complicated issue, and global warming is just a part of it. Republicans prefer to talk about climate change so they can baffle the public with baloney.

The public easily can understand rising temperatures and melting ice, and the Republicans have no good arguments to refute that.

Raleigh Jenkins

retired chemist

Greenwell Springs