I attended Brownfields Elementary near Thomas Road, then Baker Junior High School and Baker High School until the 10th grade and then graduated from Zachary a little before John Kennedy.

I don’t know how much BREC paid consultants to conclude that Thomas Road in Baker is an out-of-the-way location, but I think the Zachary, Central, Scotlandville, Pride and Cheneyville citizens might suggest BREC needs to get their money back.

The big news has been Scotlandville is a food desert and needs more business. For only $500,000, I would suggest to BREC that they improve the current zoo and put a farmer’s market and meat market out there regularly.

When the vegetables get stale, the kids can feed them to the animals. When the meat gets old, the kids can feed it to the lions and tigers and bears. Lest we forget, meat eaters smell bad.

That’s probably why we put the zoo up near Scotlandville.

There probably wasn’t enough room next to the Alsen community, where we usually put stuff like that. I imagine that someone is going to make a pile of money off expensive land in paleface south Baton Rouge. Friends, be aware of your property values.

A small group of people are going to make a lot of money, and those meat-eating zoo animals are going to be leaving smelly piles near your backyards. There are a lot of trees around the current zoo that take care of that problem now.

We need Buckskin Bill to lead a Monday morning protest march.

Bob Downing


Baton Rouge