Gov. Bobby Jindal issued an executive order to block the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the state. Jindal, a politician who considers himself a Christian, has shown again that he is willing to go to any lengths to pander to the gullible and ignorant with the sole purpose of gaining political support. Jindal’s manipulating tool of choice: fear.

When we allow fear to keep us from being kind to others, we become the enemy. With our feet well-planted in reality, let’s ask ourselves: Are these 14 refugees, overly processed for security in several countries before even setting foot in the U.S., worth all this anxiety? In terms of risk, when compared with the chances of one being carjacked, mugged when walking out of a bar or home, or even held up while eating at an Uptown restaurant in New Orleans, the whole idea seems absurd.

For perspective, thousands of Louisianians left the state seeking refuge after Katrina. What if other states would have closed their borders? But the Katrina exodus can’t be compared with “Louisiana’s Syrian refugee crisis.” There are 14 super-scrutinized Syrians seeking refuge in the state. There were thousands of Louisianians, some confirmed criminals, leaving the state in all directions during Katrina. There is absolutely no comparison. It is undeniably absurd.

“After Paris, what we need is grown-ups, not apocalyptic warriors,” a Salon article eloquently stated recently. Let’s keep it real.

Angie Silvestry


New Orleans