Having just endured one of the most vile and disturbing gubernatorial campaigns in our state’s colorful history, we are now faced with the election of a new president, which looks to be a long year of mud-slinging for the voters in America.

I’m reminded of the old story about “The Emperor’s New Clothes”… the emperor is nude and parading through the village and everyone is commenting on his “new clothes” as they fear his wrath should they speak the truth. Then from a small child comes the words “but he isn’t wearing any clothes.”

Well, I’m not a small child, but I really would like an answer to a question I find myself wondering.

How, in a wonderful country like our United States, with a population of more than 300 million people be faced with the leading characters of their respective parties … Donald Trump, a bully and someone who does not “play well with others”… and Hillary Clinton, a narcissistic woman who has blatantly shown her disregard for obeying the laws of our country?

I realize until the conventions neither one is the candidate of his or her party, but right now these two scary people are miles ahead of the others.

Can someone please explain how we’ve come to this choice? God help us.

Susan McCown


Baton Rouge