According to Clyde Holloway of the Public Service Commission, my wife and I are greedy rich people whose solar panels are subsidized by the middle class. He’s correct.

Every month, after we somehow manage to scrape up the money to pay our exorbitant utility bill, we laugh at the middle-class suckers who help us. Consequently, Holloway proposes to punish us rich parasites by immediately eliminating solar tax credits and reducing the amount the utilities have to pay for electricity generated by solar panels.

Does this guy seriously believe that the residents of this state are so damn stupid and uneducated that we cannot see through his flimsy fabrications? Contrary to what he apparently thinks, some of us have made it past the fourth grade. It is abundantly clear that Holloway is not acting in the best interests of the ratepayers, taxpayers or the state. He is acting in the best interests of the utilities, and that is not what he was elected to do.

Lee Gubala

retired teacher

New Orleans