Review of giraffe deaths at Baton Rouge zoo finds no fault in staff handling; see the full report _lowres

Advocate file photo by BILL FEIG -- The mother Reticulated Giraffe "Mopani", right, nuzzles with her baby "Dylan" born Nov. 23, 1999, at the Greater Baton Rouge Zoo.

I am a lover of animals, wild and domesticated. I own three dogs and foster others. One of my most memorable experiences was a safari in Kenya, seeing animals in their natural environment.

But not everyone can take such a trip and can experience such animals only at a zoo. We have a wonderful zoo here in Baton Rouge where animals are loved and cared for by many exceptional caretakers. But animals die.

I know this first hand as I have lost more than one very- much-loved four-legged family member, even after spending thousands of dollars for care at the LSU Vet School. At our Baton Rouge Zoo animals are born and animals die; these are natural events and not necessarily the fault of anyone. I pray that we do not damage or lose our exceptional zoo due to the angst of individuals who have ulterior motives or don’t understand the circle of life.

Anne Graham

retired HR director

Baton Rouge