According to the American Heart Association, September is National Childhood Obesity Month. With a rising childhood obesity rate and heart disease being the No. 1 killer in the capital area, it is time to take notice.

Healthy diets are not only important for adults but imperative for children. Introducing good habits at an early age provides a foundation for a healthier life for that child.

As a community, we need to make a commitment to the youth of our area and long-term health. We need to walk away from foods low in nutritional value and high in calories and put down the sugar-sweetened beverages for water. We need to create a community founded on the idea that fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and low-fat dairy are the easy choice.

We as a society are slowly acknowledging this problem; however, more of us need to become involved. As adults, we need to take an active role in our children’s daily eating habits by providing healthy foods on our children’s plate each day and by being healthy-eating role models.

Debra Lockwood

Provident Senior Living Resources

Baton Rouge