I hear on the news that no one will receive any increase in their Social Security for 2016. I also recently read an email I received that gave the benefits of someone who serves in the U.S. Congress.

When I read this, I was very upset. The average pension for a person who retires from this government institution is more than $160,000 a year, and they get this for life.

These are the same people who have a special health insurance much better than what you and I will ever have. We elect these people to represent us, and yet, when they get into office, it is all about them.

With Social Security on the verge of running out of money, I wonder where the funds come from that support all the retired congressmen for life as well as the special insurance they receive.

If this email I received is all facts, we the people need to rise and make an issue of this robbery of our tax money and take issue over our retirement funds that most of us have worked for many years.

I think it is time we put regular people into office, and when they retire, they should draw Social Security just as we do and have the same insurance that we, the people who have elected them, have.

If these benefits are good enough for us, then it should be good enough for those who serve in higher government. I hope this becomes a hot topic in the future.

John Lynch

retired planner/scheduler

Denham Springs