I understand Tony Perkins is not happy with Bill Cassidy being in a runoff with Mary Landrieu.

We must first remove Landrieu from office and that will take a vote for Bill Cassidy. And if he is as liberal as you say he is, then vote him out in the next election (Take note, Dr. Cassidy). But on Dec. 6, we must remove the cancerous policies of Landrieu and stop President Barack Obama.

After all, Cassidy did stand with the Republicans and voted against “Obamacare,” he professes to be pro-life, wants to reduce the government regulations that has stagnated our economy, is pro-Second Amendment and believes an individual has the right to follow their religious beliefs.

And didn’t Landrieu vote for “Obamacare” and said she would do it again? Does she not support abortion on demand? Did she not vote for legislation to force Christian businessmen to violate their Christian principles to provide abortion services to their employees? Did she not vote in favor of Obama’s policies 97 percent of the time? Does she not take her orders from Harry Reid? The answer to these questions is a resounding “yes”!

We must remove the cancer by voting against Landrieu. That will require Republicans and conservatives to support and vote for Bill Cassidy.

Gil Blanchard

retired nuclear security officer