As I read letters from the Rev. Pam Hartman and Kevin Williams to The Advocate’s Opinion section, I feel compelled to write and express my support for the Affordable Care Act.

As a self-employed, 59-year-old woman, I am grateful to finally be able to have health insurance coverage that works.

For the last seven years since I left the employment of a large company, I have paid $800-plus for health insurance coverage that was inadequate and allowed little coverage.

Even with ridiculously high monthly premiums, I had very little actual coverage and am still paying for medical tests that were performed under my old health care plan.

I am grateful to have adequate coverage and hope the American public will realize that even though there are some areas that need to be improved on, the Affordable Care Act is working and is a blessing to the 8 million-plus Americans that are benefiting from it.

Personally, I am tired of hearing Bill Cassidy’s negative campaign commercials. His entire campaign was to paint Mary Landrieu as an Obama puppet (it is ironic that he seems to have become the puppet of big business and the Republican Party). Come on Bill, have some courage and speak out and tell us what you plan to do for Louisiana.

Christine Perry

sales representative

Port Allen