Phil Beaver’s views on “freedom” and “justice” (The Advocate, Dec. 1) are refreshing in an otherwise polluted social climate. The politics of dogmatic faiths, religious stressors, diversity and ethnic conflicts have muffled mutual understanding and quality public discourse.

A deeper issue implicitly emphasized by Beaver is dialectics of unfreedom. My life’s work is devoted to the cause of social justice in an unfree world. I am, however, embarrassed by the duality of my success and failure. Search for truth is a painful, sometimes even unrewarding journey. Social institutions are constructs of human ingenuity, needs and interests. Their deification perpetuates myths of gods that failed all powerless mortals.

God Delusion has unleashed chimeras of hope and despair. While humanity continues to suffer oppression of different hues in different fields, pursuits of power politics globally persist at all costs.

The “civil society” stands at the crossroads of freedom. I am uncertain if our civilization will ever achieve a peaceful, prosperous and enlightened world. God, please help save your children from themselves. Happy Holidays!


dean emeritus (social work) LSU

Baton Rouge