Photos: Remembering Muhammed Ali _lowres

Muhammad Ali ponders a question at news conference following his WBA heavyweight title bout with Leon Spinks in New Orleans on Friday, Sept. 16, 1978. Ali regained his title with a 15-round unanimous decision. ?Thank God it?s over,? said Ali. (AP Photo)

I’m writing this in regards to the recent passing of Muhammad Ali. In my opinion, he was probably the greatest boxer. Some even call him a hero.

However, I think the mothers, fathers and sons who observed our recent Memorial Day may not agree he that was a hero. Those who fought for our country were real the heroes.

I think of Ali’s refusal to serve (in the military) — even though many famous people did — including Joe Louis and many others makes it impossible to call him a hero. Ali could have served in some capacity, as many conscientious objectors did.

I don’t believe in what he did, and that “I’m the greatest” is a good example for our young people.

Great fighter? Yes. Hero? No.

Wayne Weilbaecher

retired from car sales