I’d like to be one of the first to compliment the eight reasonable Metro Council men/women who voted AGAINST the bond issue package at the recent Metro Council meeting. What a stroke of genius! Perhaps they and possibly a couple more who were not present have gotten the message that we are indeed in a financial crisis in this city, state and nation.

I cannot comprehend why such a practical, outstanding mayor-president, who gallantly guided us through Katrina and its aftermath with the help of former Chief Jeff LeDuff, the Sheriff’s Office and numerous other highly qualified public servants, continues to pursue this bond package.

It should be rather obvious that neither the Metro Council nor taxpayers are in favor of ANY unnecessary spending during these dire conditions in our city, state and nation.

Let’s think rationally about this. It’s time we operate under a serious austerity program with regard to spending and capital improvements.

I would have preferred to convey these thoughts directly to the Office of the Mayor-President. I have never written but one “letter to the editor” and do not normally resort to this tactic to get my message across, however, email(s), phone call(s) and visit(s) have not produced any communication(s) in quite some time.

I trust this letter will be accepted as constructive criticism in the manner it is sincerely being presented. I am personally involved in local and city-parish government and do certainly appreciate the service of those committed to serving to improve and maintain our city/parish/state, and not their personal interests or agendas.

Judy D. White

retired business owner