America’s attention has been refocused on the nominees and away from the issues.

Let’s face it, both candidates have serious character flaws, to put it mildly. So, what do we get when the election is over?

We get the platform supported by the winner. Lying and cheating will have no part in the nomination of a new and future Supreme Court judge, nor will it matter in deciding a new tax plan or foreign policy or military strength or immigration matters.

Our new president will serve for four years, assuming he/she does not die in office (and, since that too is an actual concern, the vice presidential candidates should also be critical choices.) Can you live with a government you chose based on who you least despised? Both campaign managers and virtually all of the media would have you react at the polls according to the images they set before us. Do not let them steal your vote. Consider carefully what you want your government to look like over the next four years.

That alone should be the criteria you consider when casting your vote. The players will be gone long before the effects of their service as president.

R.D. McCandless


Baton Rouge