This is in regard to a recent letter by Shirley Laska (“Bensons should put Saints fans’ money to good use”).

First of all, everyone realizes the benefit of the TOPS program, but it is a bit disingenuous to say all of the money came from (Patrick F.) Taylor’s profits. If this were true, then the state Legislature would not be now calculating how much taxpayers’ money is needed and at what level to fund the program.

Second, when the fans gave their money to the Bensons, for whatever reason, it ceased to be the fans’ money. It became the Bensons’ money. What the Bensons do with their money is no business of the fans or anyone else. If the fans do not approve of what the Bensons do with their money, then don’t give them any.

It sounds to me like Ms. Laska is making a plea to redistribute someone else’s money.

Carl J. Streva

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New Iberia