In the years that I’ve lived in New Orleans, I’ve been amused and amazed at the waste, redundancy and downright silliness evident in Louisiana politics. However, the current race between Graham Bosworth, Frank Marullo, et al takes the cake.

The courts have ruled that Judge Marullo can run but will not decide if he can serve unless he wins. Therefore, if the judge wins but cannot serve, we will start all over with a special election. Can we really afford this?

Prior to moving here, I lived in seven other states where elections were held on the first Tuesday in November. If a politician vacated an office, a successor was appointed to serve out the term. I do not recall any special elections. However, here we have several elections a year. Officials at all levels constantly crave more money, yet we continue to waste millions of dollars a year on these redundant elections. I think it is time for this state to move forward into the 19th century.

Lee Gubala

retired teacher

New Orleans