I am very angry that Gov. Bobby Jindal and Attorney General Buddy Caldwell are stealing my tax dollars to defend sociopathic, unconstitutional religious bigotry in Louisiana law. The First and 14th Amendments prohibit all governments from putting religious beliefs into our laws. A law must have a credible secular justification to be constitutional.

There is no secular basis for governments to discriminate against gays, including banning same-sex marriages and recognition of joint parenthood of gay parents’ children. The state simply legally codified immoral, religion-driven hatred, the very essence of an illegal “establishment of religion.”

Likewise, there is no secular basis for governments to ban or unnecessarily interfere with people’s right to contraception; women’s right to abortions; and people’s right to science-based health care, including end-of-life decisions, without interference by religious groups. Yet the Legislature and Jindal this term passed an unconstitutional interference with freedom of choice on abortion by trying to make it impossible for women to get this medical service if they need it for whatever reason; and the only basis was religious misogyny.

Jindal et al have no right to use my money to defend this illegal, anti-choice obscenity or any other religious laws when challenged.

If the federal courts uphold the U.S. Constitution, Louisiana’s ban on same-sex marriage will be struck down. Similarly, all state attempts to interfere with rights to contraception and abortion and unconstitutional funding of medical facilities that inject religion into health decisions would be struck down.

I only hope the judges can find some way to make Jindal, Caldwell and their legislative lackeys personally pay all the costs of this lawsuit. Normally, the state pays successful plaintiffs’ costs in suits against constitutional violations. Those payments come out of all taxpayers’ pockets, even when state officials know they are wrong. Such malfeasance in office would be punished if there is justice.

William Sierichs Jr.

retired newspaperman

Baton Rouge