Kudos to new Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. In one week, he has set an example for all Louisiana officials who run their offices with public funds. First, he established a new policy that no lawyer on his staff may work on private business while still drawing a paycheck at the taxpayers’ expense.

Then, he saved the state $339,999 per year when he decided to move his New Orleans staff from its expensive accommodations in one downtown office building to other vacant and unused office space that the state rents from Tom Benson under the deal to keep the Saints in New Orleans. It is infuriating that Mr. Landry’s predecessor used state funds to pay for expensive office space when equivalent free space was available. Mr. Landry deserves credit for seizing this opportunity to eliminate waste.

In a week of troubling fiscal news from the halls of our State Capitol — reduction of services and more taxes — it is encouraging to see that the attorney general is using good sense to make sure that the taxpayers get more bang for their tax buck.

Bernard J. Bagert, Jr.


New Orleans