I live in the proposed St. George area. With all the furor over the “City of St. George” having settled down, I thought I would describe my immediate neighborhood since it was said that St. George is racist and segregated.

On the west side next door to me is a Caucasian couple with a young child. Across the side street from them is an African-American family. Next door to them is a 91-year-old French WWII war bride. Her neighbor is a young couple whose husband is from France and wife from Crowley.

Across the street from them is a Middle Eastern couple with a next-door neighbor who is a woman from Poland.

On the east side of me are Hispanic neighbors with the last three houses down the block having three black families. Across the street is a widow, a single 42-year-old man and a Muslim family with several children. In the block behind me are families from Asia and India.

There are families with and without children, retired and working. Now, if you live in a more diverse and integrated neighborhood, please describe it. Define for me how this neighborhood is segregated and racist.

Charles Mayeux

retired social worker

Baton Rouge