Outrageous and ludicrous are the only words that entered my mind after reading Froma Harrop’s column in your paper. The column is about companies requiring noncompeting signings by employees; two noted were Jimmy Johns and Subway, but the article stated others are doing the same.

If they leave their present job, they cannot work at another design engineering firm or another sandwich shop or at another tire changer job until the waiting time on the noncompete clause is expired if they signed one.

Competition drives capitalism, which works better than any other known system. Workers who know they have an opportunity to better themselves is what drives competition and capitalism.

The Bush administration passed an anti-worker law that among other things took away overtime pay for millions of hourly workers. In the Bush law, anyone who works alone without supervision can be reclassified and lose overtime pay.

It is time we start trying to do things to help our workforce and appreciate its efforts instead of trying to put clamps on its opportunities.

Most businesses support the workforce in many ways and consider the working people for what they truly are, their customers. Without customers, any business will fail.

All business should support the law that Harrop speaks of that would do away with the noncompeting requirement for employees making less than $15 per hour and work to get the hourly rate for noncompeting requirements raised to a much higher number.

If a person is a design engineer or building war products, a noncompeting clause is understandable, but working in a sandwich shop makes no sense at all.

Hollis Eddins

business owner