The most highly paid person in Louisiana government, whose job and six-figure income depends entirely upon Gov. Bobby Jindal, has endorsed the governor’s plan to replace income taxes with the country’s heaviest sales taxes. Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret’s explanation is that corporate executives look at a state’s tax structure before deciding where to build or expand a business.

What Moret either doesn’t know or prefers to simply ignore is that corporate leaders often put as much weight, or even more, upon the quality of a state’s education system, because of a company’s need for both an educated workforce and an affluent customer base.

And Louisiana’s perpetually underfunded K-through-college education system has never been more sliced, diced, chopped and scattered than since Bobby Jindal came into office.

Attention, Moret, Jindal and all others in whose hands the future of Louisiana rests: Nothing is more important to our future than education. Nothing.

Russ Wise

St. John Parish School Board member