New Orleans was made for the bicycle. The city is flat, full of fun places to go, and welcoming to bicyclists of all abilities. It wasn’t always this way, but because of large investments by Entergy and work by Bike Easy, we’ve seen an expansion of bicycle lanes and trails from 11 miles to 55 miles over the last five years.

So it’s no surprise that on April 9, we saw over 700 riders join us for the second annual NOLA Bike to Work Day. At over 30 hub stations around town, including the public libraries, we served refreshments to keep people pedaling and gave out maps to help them find their way around the city.

As more people are riding, it’s critical for bicycles, automobiles and pedestrians to share the road. Everyone is trying to get to work, school and local businesses, and the more we respect each other by being predictable, following the law and offering common courtesy, the safer we will all be.

Bicycling not only helps the environment, our health, reduces traffic congestion and helps us reach local businesses, it also simply makes us feel good. Keep on riding, and together we can make New Orleans the most bicycle-friendly city in America.

Jamie Wine, executive director

Bike Easy

New Orleans