Ascension Parish is busting at the seams with subdivisions and people packed in like sardines. As traffic increases in the Prairieville community on narrow country roads, schools are over-crowded, and violations continue for sewer treatment plants (17 violations the month of January 2015). Countless violations that cause irreparable harm to Bayou Manchac Basin and the Amite River Basin.

Who is making decisions to manage growth and protect the health and safety of our citizens?

I recently attended a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting where three new subdivisions were approved over the objections of the Planning director and staff and a roomful of neighbors who have had enough. Twenty-four subdivisions have been approved and are under construction. Eight more are being considered. This adds up to 2,175 new homes and 4,350 additional cars on our already crowded roadways.

Why are the seven commissioners approving development when the areas’ infrastructure is lacking, the parish has no financial means to support the growth and the people do not want more development without adequate services? The commission, who are appointed by the Parish Council, do have “discretionary authority” to deny development. Why aren’t they using this authority? There is a Master Plan to address “Managed Growth.” Have they been properly trained? Or is this just the politics of the parish that continues to favor developers over the people?

Are we to accept more traffic, T-buildings surrounding new schools due to overcrowding and health issues with sewerage? Have the people no voice in this matter? Contact your parish councilman (

It’s time to put a halt to the expansion of subdivisions without adequate infrastructure!

Linda Ezernack

retired accountant