Shame on state Superintendent of Education John White for claiming that teachers who left the profession in the past three years were “more likely to be ineffective” (The Advocate, Jan. 29). There is no basis in fact for that assertion.

White says that he has data for the past three years showing that more “highly effective” teachers are staying in the profession and more “ineffective” ones leaving. Those ratings are based on the state’s new COMPASS evaluation system.

The problem with his analysis is that no teachers have yet been given final evaluations under COMPASS. It was approved by the Legislature in 2010, and piloted in a handful of school districts over the past two years.

Teachers will be given their first COMPASS scores this spring, and until then, no teacher has received an official performance label.

I cannot speculate on why Superintendent White issued such a report. But as one whose job it is to evaluate teachers under COMPASS, I can say that it is both misleading and inaccurate.

Deborah S. Landon


Baton Rouge