The education system of Louisiana is not for sale. If candidates do not specifically say they oppose Common Core, know they support it.

I read in disbelief the conclusion that Will Sentell made concerning the BESE board election in his Nov. 2 article. That most citizens support Common Core is ludicrous. Plain and simple, the political action committees of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry and others bought the seats with deceit and an enormous amount of out-of-state monies that poured into BESE races. With this money, endless television commercials and radio ads promoting their candidates ran constantly for three weeks before the election. Ironically, none of the commercials indicated that the candidates were pro-Common Core. Why not? Because they know the majority of Louisiana citizens do not support Common Core. That is why most of the gubernatorial candidates oppose it.

Citizens know that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for teachers or their students. Our young children should not be pushed beyond their developmental capacities thereby frustrating them and robbing them of their natural love of learning. We must keep the federal government out of our Louisiana classrooms. State control of our schools is paramount.

Nothing is more important than the future of our children and grandchildren. Citizens must wake up and actively participate in the destiny of our school system by assuring that outsiders don’t buy our education system.

Theresa Robert

small business owner