Is it just me, or does it concern anyone else in the state that we are constantly hearing about and seeing cuts to our education programs?

We are now hearing the powers that be talking, again, about cuts that need to be made to education to cover the ill-conceived budget presented by our state legislative body on behalf of our governor.

It appears that we have a football team — and I realize to some that this may be blasphemy — that we can afford to pay millions of dollars in salaries to coaches but can’t afford to keep professors employed. It appears to me that we have a football team with the inconvenience of having a university attached.

How can we continue to say we want a top-of-the-line education system when we won’t even fund what we have? I am sure there are those out in the state that will remind me of how much money the team brings into the university, but then I will want to know why it isn’t fully dedicated to improving the educational programs.

Richard Stagnoli

EHS audit specialist