The myth says Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Gov. Bobby Jindal isn’t much different, gallivanting around giving foreign policy speeches while our state is swamped with a billion-dollar hole. Louisiana residents mean zip to the little man who dreams of being something bigger. He is emblematic of all that is rotten about present-day politics. He cares more about his no-tax Norquist pledge than seeking fair-minded solutions to Louisiana’s financial quagmire, much of which is due to his short-term shell game.

He preaches transparency for all in government except his office. In his administration, the line between public services and privatization is blurred. He has disrespected public school teachers, blaming them for social problems which plague a child’s desire for knowledge. He has made it more financially difficult for middle-class students to seek a college education. His antics regarding public school education reform have become a bog. Education administrators are frustrated trying to move forward because each step gets stuck because of uncertainty.

The same is true for state employees, due to his expressing doubts about the validity of their worth and professional ethics. He cares not for the hundreds of thousands of Louisiana residents who cannot get health insurance. He has commandeered religion for his own egocentric benefits, which is morally repugnant.

If Jindal were a cartoon character, he would be the weasel who wants to slurp it all. Historians say Nero started the fire to clear land for the construction of his grand palace.

In his eight years, Jindal has burned through Louisiana in an arrogant quest to be president. He flimflammed Louisiana voters. But his national political show will erode away just like the million-dollar berms he built to save us from the BP oil. His national campaign will crash and burn because it will lack compassion and soul. After that, Jindal will become just another hollow pundit seeking to make money by pushing fear.

Charley Vance

teacher, actor, photographer