It is amazing to read that some in the Louisiana High School Athletic Association want to replace the split in football with yet another split, that being urban-rural.

An argument against the select-nonselect split cannot be justified if this same group (select) recommends another split. A split is a split. Get over it. The system is not broken. No one has complained about their state championship trophy that I know about.

I believe many of the Executive Committee members are in continued favor of staying with the select-nonselect rule. It is working! Those who opposed the split continue to oppose it because they do not like it.

The reason for the split continues to exist today, and no alternate split will fix that. Let’s not forget that this rule was twice approved by the great majority of principals. They see how this urban-rural split is being ramrodded by a few in authority who, admittedly, acknowledge that their proposal is in itself suspect.

I do concede that a 3-4 championship breakdown would make more sense than the present 4-5 makeup. That’s my opinion, and I am sticking to it.

To all B and C schools, never give up your right to vote on all issues that come before the LHSAA. Every vote taken has an impact on all classes.

Gibson Miller

retired school administrator, co-sponsor of present football split