I wish to offer my congratulations to Billy Nungesser for his recent run for election to the Lieutenant Governor’s Office.

His accomplishments in that effort were no less than remarkable, considering he was challenging an incumbent who ran the state’s tourism effort and generally was considered by the tourism industry to have run the most successful tourism program in the state’s history.

This was done in spite of the fact that Nungesser acknowledged in a debate that he knew very little about the tourism operations of the Lieutenant Governor’s Office.

Apparently his showing of 3 percent less than half of the votes with all of the negatives surrounding his campaign demonstrates his particular knowledge of how to get the most for your money in a Louisiana political campaign.

Surely this will serve as an incentive for future candidates who have few qualifications for an elected office but good name recognition and a substantial amount of personal funds to seek office.

Ernest A. Gremillion

retired criminal investigator

Baton Rouge