There’s beauty and ugliness in all things. It’s the viewpoint one takes that impacts discernment.

In my opinion, the refreshing, humanistic insight on the Strawberry Festival poster suggesting a coquettish little girl and a coy, reluctant little boy totally debunks the racial controversy and relegates it to shallow ugliness.

I chose to look deeper and appreciate the beauty of humor in the typical behavior of little girls and little boys. Who among us cannot perceive nostalgia while reminiscing about being that skittish girl in pink with feet writhing to and fro, or being that boy who doesn’t know what to do with his hands?

I find it quite amusing, the intricacies of courtship between the two, as love is mysterious and never as simple as black or white (no pun intended).

Oh no! Is it inconsiderate, politically incorrect and racist of me to use the word “fro”? Is the word going to be scrutinized through the viewpoint of ugliness?

I wonder who I unintentionally offended, and will I insult them further by suggesting it’s preposterous of them to snivel and brood over the word as it’s simply a part of a common phrase used to describe motion?

Yet, an adult saying “I’m offended” is equivalent to a child saying “I’m telling.” Hence, bewilderment and apprehension over offending someone, then offending them again, was as it should be: fleeting.

So, pass the beautiful strawberries, please. It matters not if they’re dipped in dark or white chocolate, and as I’m otherwise occupied, I will not dissect with puerile sensitivity the pigmentation of the chocolate. I appreciate them all because underneath, they’re all strawberries.

Cyndie Fussell

  • urse practitioner