I recently read an article in The Advocate that TAF/LSU might destroy the LSU Golf Course and convert it into a parking lot. Really? Let’s think about this idea. In exchange for a beautiful oasis on the increasingly cluttered campus, the source of recreation for hundreds of students and area residents, a second home for a number of retirees and training site for one of LSU’s nonfootball sports, we get a few thousand more cars trying to leave the campus after the football game.

Come on, TAF! Surely you have someone in your organization with some creativity. It’s taking three hours to get out of traffic after a game now. The most common reason I hear for people not attending the LSU game is traffic. Why give up all the advantages of having the golf course to make the situation worse? Ask fans for ideas; form a committee; brainstorm; hire a consultant. Do something that makes sense. A parking lot on our golf course makes none.

Steve Guidry

retired engineer