I am always amazed at the rapidity with which progress moves in this Third World country called Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina made landfall almost 10 years ago. I hope I have the following facts straight.

The city abandoned plans to convert Charity into a municipal government complex and now, on Wednesday, April 1, 2015, the state asked for ideas from developers and agencies for site usage. Note that Wednesday was April Fools’ Day! A state spokesperson said the goal is to find appropriate use for Charity and to put it back into the community. After 10 years of vacancy? There’s a September timeline for a deal, yet that’s only a first step and no action will be taken at the end of the process. The state is open to selling or leasing but will not contribute any initial capital costs. The state is offering a site visit of the property, which is being cleared of its contents by the LSU Health Care Services Division on April 15. That’s almost 10 years after it was vacated!

The Landrieu administration, while not planning to submit a redevelopment proposal, expects to be “fully consulted throughout the entire planning, design and development process,” according to Landrieu press secretary Brad Howard. I can certainly understand the city not wanting to invest funds in this proposal. After all, they have better ways to invest taxpayers’ dollars, like pumping out the water from Katrina in the Municipal Auditorium, fixing all the pot pits (no longer potholes) and returning all the street signs in Orleans parish 10 years after Katrina. Yes, we do live in a Banana Republic where time just lazily slips away day after day, year after year.

Lorre Lei Jackson

retired nurse

River Ridge