I am a teacher with limited income. My wife home-schools our children, so we are dependent on my insurance.

I pay $725 per month for “affordable” health insurance. I have developed a spinal problem that I need treatment on to return to a normal, painless lifestyle. I must spend $60 every time I go to the doctor. Because of the red tape, I have spent over $300 just to get to a point that a specialist could set me up for a test. I was charged a $1,000 “copay” for the test. After suffering for two and a half weeks more waiting to get a return appointment, I paid another copay to be referred to a pain management specialist. Then I paid the copay again to the new specialist so he could tell me I needed an injection. I was told it was 100 percent covered by my insurance — after I paid another $1,000. I have taught for 25 years and paid tons of premiums, which I have hardly used. Now that I need treatment, I can’t afford to use it, especially with a $725-a-month premium that the government demand I pay for “affordable” health care.

Wiley Iverstine