Every day on the news, you can hear what issues are the most important to voters and politicians: terrorism, the economy, foreign policy, immigration, tax reform, etc.

All of these issues are important and need to be solved.

However, I believe the biggest and most important issue is corruption in Washington.

Until the corrupt, entrenched politicians and bureaucrats are run out of Washington, nothing will be solved. Once this is done, all of the other issues can be solved in short order.

I am talking about both Democrats and Republicans. As soon as these politicians are sworn in to office, they violate their oath and ignore the laws.

Bureaucrats spend taxpayers’ money on themselves by the millions, and nothing is done except to acknowledge that it goes on, but no one is fired and no one goes to jail. They only get promoted and/or receive a bonus.

We need to build a wall between the government and big business. General Motors and Chrysler should have been allowed to go into bankruptcy. How much taxpayer money do you think was used to pay off politicians to bail out both of these companies?

How many so-called “green energy” companies were put in business at the expense of the taxpayers and just went out of business, leaving the taxpayers holding the bag. America was built on the free enterprise system and not the freeloader system.

Harold Daigle

retired auto repair shop manager

Baton Rouge