I am an LSU alum and a long-suffering “fan” of its football team but not of its head football coach. All organizations must adapt and grow to become and remain first.

Les Miles seems to be incapable of doing either. His offense is so antiquated and unimaginative, the ways to contain it are long known and practiced by opponents. And yet, as stated in his post game interview, Les doesn’t believe the offense needs a serious overhaul. The man just doesn’t get it. His failure to acknowledge that major improvements are needed is willfully ignorant. LSU officials, unlike their counterparts at the University of Georgia, did not have the guts to part ways with their underachieving head football coach. They demonstrated cowardliness in their pre-decision silence about Miles’ status and in their finger-to-the-wind decision to retain him. He deserved better and so did we.

No doubt Les Miles — like coaches Mark Richt and Mack Brown — is a good, caring and loyal person with a successful career over a long period of time. Of the three coaches, however, only Miles has been retained after a sustained period of mediocre performance produced a disgruntled fan base. It is not only the blowout loses to West Division rivals that are grating to fans like myself.

Even the victories over lesser opponents are less than satisfying for they are usually close, ugly and dependent solely on superior depth. If the number and size of players are the principle reasons for victories, LSU would be better served by making Les Miles chief recruiter and eliminate the head coach position with a commensurate reduction in his multi-million-dollar salary.

Herman Woessner