Today I decided to call my senator, Bill Cassidy, in Washington, D.C. to voice my concern about Donald Trump's tax plan. I consider myself to be middle class, and Donald Trump said the new plan "would be a boon to the middle class." After doing some rough calculations, I realized that in no way would I be paying less. At a minimum, I would pay $500 more, but if I itemize I will be paying $2,300 more.

Duncan Kennedy.jpg

Kyle Duncan talks to U.S. Senator John Kennedy before the hearing on Duncan’s nomination for the 5th Circuit as U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy talks to someone in the foreground.

Cassidy has portrayed himself as a champion of the middle class so, like I said, I called his office in Washington. I have never been so disappointed in my life. Two minutes into the conversation with a staffer, I was explaining my calculations, and the guy interrupted me and said he didn't need to hear anymore. He never asked my name or where I was from, my address or phone number. He said, "I got it, you're against it." I said, "Yes, but let me finish explaining why," and he said he had other calls to take. Really? Is he the only person answering phones? Because I could hear a lot of voices in the background. I've called a handful of state and federal representatives over the years and never have I been so summarily dismissed and treated as if I didn't matter. Unbelievable.

Francine Smith


Denham Springs