It was so great to see Stephanie Grace’s column about the “Respect Life” banners gracing St. Charles Avenue in my birthplace of Uptown New Orleans!

This past week, I participated in two marches in Baton Rouge: The Martin Luther King Jr. march on Jan. 18 and the Louisiana Life March to the Capitol on Jan. 23, the day after the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

In the spirit of the late and great Wojciech “Al” Krotoski, who tirelessly and logically advocated for the unborn through his many wonderful letters to the editor, as well as his cogent testimonies before legislative bodies, how can we as a nation tolerate such a human rights infraction — especially targeted against minorities, who unfortunately make up a higher disproportionate representation of all abortion victims?

I was blessed to be a member with Al in the “Hippocratic Resource” group of clinicians that he had helped develop.

As David Scotton, an LSU senior who was almost aborted 20 years ago, so exquisitely shared (not a direct quote from him but a summary in my own words of what he said) at the March for Life, every life, including the unborn, is precious and worth more than the sum of all its body parts, which Planned Parenthood has so blatantly and blithely sold. The correct A in “reproductive freedom” is not abortion but adoption, without which David and countless others would not be here today. (A video documentary about his story of healing and repentance is forthcoming thanks to the efforts of many, such as Ben Clapper, director of Louisiana Right to Life.

Alveda King, director of African American Outreach with Priests for Life, an NAACP member, civil rights activist, Christian minister, author and niece to Martin Luther King Jr., is a staunch anti-abortion advocate.

I do plan to continue supporting wonderful groups like the Women’s New Life Centers’ programs, which currently has an office right next to the Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge and will soon have one right next to the Planned Parenthood center being built on South Claiborne Avenue in New Orleans, where more of those “Respect Life” banners need to be placed.

Also, please join me and many others in the upcoming ecumenical and interfaith “40 Days for Life” peaceful advocacy that will beginning again soon.

“Life: What a beautiful ‘pro-choice.’?”

Keith John Paul Horcasitas

social worker

Baton Rouge