We have had our election! Almost two years of campaigning and constant bickering.

America the free has lost!

Many of us came up with a sickening feeling on Wednesday morning, but is this the end of a “free people”?

Throughout history, there have been times when the “end” was in sight. Yet somehow, the descendents of Valley Forge have always gone on to yet another victory. Sometimes not obvious, as in the case of the Reconstruction after the Civil War. The president, Abraham Lincoln, had suspended many of what the people thought were “God-given” rights!

Indeed, there were many years when people in the South struggled to survive the aftermath, and it would have been hard to believe that this split nation would ever mend to the point where the people would unite and go to war against a European tyrant such as Hitler. But we did.

We have taken a wake-up call from religious fanatics in the case of 9/11, and for a few months we were stunned and shaken that such hatred could exist against ordinary working Americans. We paused and went back to work to bring back to normal the nation we had known.

Apparently that worked also. We are still the No. 1 nation for immigration worldwide.

True, many of the “immigrants” seem more like invaders, but still they come! And that proves that America is still the “Golden Door” for the world’s people “yearning to breathe free” — fiscal cliff and all.

Every American citizen has a share in the national debt of over $100,000 now and still the borders overflow. We must have something going for us.

I guess we’ll just have to take a clue from the Saints fans who, like Moses, had to spend some 40 years, wandering in the desert.

Charles Allen

retired fisherman

Morgan City