The letter by Chris Cazayoux, (“La. voters uninformed on Common Core”) on November 10, 2015, illustrates again that The Advocate does not seem to care one bit to inform any of its readers on an in-depth review of Common Core, as many of us have asked.

We seem to get endless he said, she said, stories. Enough already. In the same edition, there is a news article by Will Sentell which discusses the “initial recommendations of three panels reviewing the Common Core academic benchmarks.”

But, just a second, wasn’t Common Core established by over 45 states over the last 5 years involving numerous educators? The Common Core standards are supposed to be “the standards.” Will Sentell continues that “there has already been criticism that the review is cursory and will produce few changes.” What changes? Why would we need changes to such a comprehensive, multiyear, nationwide undertaking? If Louisiana educators and legislators make changes then does Louisiana get kicked out of the new 10 state consortium in which we have agreed to belong? Do the changes then make Louisiana not a Common Core state? So, then are we back to Louisiana standards and therefore not measurable against other states? One may see where my sarcasm is headed.

So, despite Superintendent John White’s assertion that Common Core is here to stay and in place with schools already implementing, it appears we are not done. Or will we ever be done? A suspicious person might think a moving target makes it much easier to disguise success or lack thereof.

However, apparently, The Advocate is content to continue he said, she said stories. Such is the sad state of what is called journalism today. Oh for the days of Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow again.

John White

retired shipbuilder