I read with interest Sunday’s Capitol Buzz column titled “Lawmakers on national conference circuit.”

In it, there’s the implication, although not stated outright, that it’s a waste of state money for Louisiana legislators to attend conferences with fellow lawmakers from other states where we participate in discussion panels related to issues we all face.

The implication is strongest in reference to lawmakers who attended the conferences but cannot seek re-election due to term limits.

Imposing term limits was desired by the people. The people deserve our respect for allowing me to be here and not give up until my term is over. Would they rather I took the last 4 years off? I think not!!

I was elected three times by my constituents to represent them in the Legislature. I was honored to be named chairman of the House Transportation, Highways and Public Works Committee, and it is my duty to keep abreast of transportation issues that could best serve the state.

The Southern Legislative Conference meeting in Savannah provided valuable information on infrastructure issues relevant to the needs of Louisiana. I am passing along that information to be utilized by the state now and in the future.

Because of budget restrictions, I did not take any of the Transportation Committee staff with me to the conference.

Until Jan. 11, when a new state representative takes my place, I intend to keep doing my job, as my constituents expect and my oath as a state representative requires.

Just because I can’t run again, does The Advocate expect me to stay at home and do nothing?

That would truly be a disservice.

Karen Gaudet St. Germain

state representative, House District 60

Pierre Part