Is our country becoming a nation of extremism, the very thing we are fighting against?

The world is experiencing one of the most serious humanitarian crises in our history, yet some of our government leaders — people we elected to public office — are demanding that only Christians be allowed to join our way of life.

Catholic Charities, an organization committed to helping vulnerable populations around the globe, has, for many years, played a leadership role in assisting refugees. Does this mean that because of this commendable organization’s role in the current crisis Catholics might be forbidden from entering our country, too?

Close the mosques, get rid of Muslims, no more foreign tourists — Is this what we, as people representing diverse religions and ethnicities, deserve from our government leaders? Is this the kind of divisive rhetoric to which our children should be exposed?

The counter-productive actions of some of our leaders does not reflect the principles upon which my country was founded. Please join me in contacting our elected officials to let them know how you feel.

James L. Moore


Baton Rouge