I’m a Republican, but I’m about to change my registration. The fiscal cliff is looming. President Barack Obama keeps saying he wants to extend the Bush tax cuts for couples making under $250,000. The Senate has already passed a bill to do just that. The House refuses to do so. When asked about this, the Republicans stammer vaguely about doing something to help the economy, as Gov. Bobby Jindal did when interviewed recently on national TV by Chris Wallace.

I can only conclude that the Republicans haven’t passed the bill because they are holding those in this income group hostage to be used as pawns in negotiations on the tax treatment of the higher income group; that they will try to blame Obama if taxes go up on that income group on Jan. 1.

The Republicans wanted the Bush tax cuts extended for all taxpayers. They should at least accept what Obama has offered for 98 percent of the people while they negotiate on the rest.

I don’t think it is clear to the general public that the Republicans must pass legislation to make that happen and that they refuse to do so. The Republicans will be hard pressed to explain their position to the vast majority of Americans whose taxes will go up Jan. 1.

William Bonin


New Iberia